How to Connect HP Printer to Laptop

Step by Step guide on How to connect HP Printer to Laptop . Install the hp printer driver to perform printer setup on laptop and computer.

connect hp printer to laptop

Want to connect HP Printer to Laptop please follow these steps below here:

  • Open the control panel, select the control panel from the start menu.
  • Select devices and printers from the Devices and Printers option.
  • Click to add a printer
  • Select add a printer to a wireless network or Bluetooth printer.
  • Select your network printer from the list of available printers.
  • You can also connect your wireless printer to a USB cable and then connect it to the HP printer.
  • Open the settings, app from the Start menu.
  • Click devices
  • Click add printer or the scanner

Next Step

  • If windows detect your printer you need to follow the on-screen instructions, to install the HP printer on your laptop.
  • You can use the LCD panel of the HP printer to enter the wireless setup.
  • Choose your wireless network connection wisely.
  • Enter your network password.
  • The most important point is that the laptop and HP printer needs to be connected to the same wifi network.
  • Examine your network needs, this has two requirements, if the HP printer is connected directly to the laptop then it prints directly if it works on a computer connected with the printer. Then the laptops use a shared network and the limitation is that all laptops must follow the same operating system.

Next Step

  • You need to connect the printer to the home network.
  • You need to install the printer on the computer that needs to share it.
  • You can connect the HP printer to the central PC with a USB cable then establish a wireless connection which is shared on all the other laptops.
  • In order to share the other laptops with the central computer so that the printer can be accessed go to control panel in the settings tab click on the button create a homegroup, Now click on the join now button, then enter the network password. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the network settings. You can opt for the option that you wish to share your printer. This step is not required if you need to connect to a shared printer.
Connect HP to Laptop

How to Connect HP Printer to a Computer:

  • Turn on the printer 
  • Now select the devices and printers from the control panel
  • You can choose the printer from the drop-down menu of the listed printers. 
  • Once you select the available printer, double click the printer 
  • Enter the wifi password or the network key as prompted. 
  • Once the correct network key is added to the printer
  • You will get a message the print is successfully added to the network. 
  • You can also choose to connect the HP printer with a USB cable. 
  • This step will directly connect your HP printer to your desktop. 
  • From the control panel, you can also connect the HP printer to a homegroup network, as once you connect the HP printer to the homegroup network you can share the printer with other desktops. You can create a homegroup by click on create a homegroup button. 
  • In the printer and devices, the setting of the printer is set as a shared printer. 
  • This step will enable you to print from any remote location.

What to do before Connecting HP Printer to Wifi Post Changing Password

  • Please ensure you know your security password and network name.
  • On the control panel of the HP printer, please select the Network menu or touch the wireless icon.
  • Now please go to settings.
  • Select the wireless setup wizard
  • The Wireless setup wizard displays the wireless networks in a specified range area.
  • Use the WPS method to connect the HP printer to a wireless network.
  • Please turn on the printer
Follow Step 1
  • On the printer’s control panel, press and hold the wireless button, for at least 3 seconds till the wireless light flashes.
  • Access the setup wizard through the control panel.
  • Establish a secure connection between your printer and network connection.
  • Please touch the setup icon
  • Touch the restore network defaults.
  • Click on restore network settings and then press the yes button.
  • When network settings being restored properly touch the back arrow and wireless settings options and then on the wireless setup wizards.
Follow Next Step
  • The printer searches for available networks.
  • Touch the name for your wireless network.
  • If any case wireless network name does not visible please hit on the new network section where you can change the new name for wireless connection.
  • Type WEP or WPA or any other network password and press on done.
  • If not aware from network passwords must click on the option to find my password.
  • Once the printer connects wireless light turns on automatically.
  • Press the right arrow on the home screen of the printer now
  • Select the setup option.
  • Please select the network submenu
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and select network defaults.
  •  Select yes to perform the password reset settings for the HP printer.

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