How to Perform HP Printer Setup Wifi – Network

Guide on how to connect HP Printer Setup wifi network or with your Windows computer or laptop and  MAC Device here are the simple and short way to explore the settings steps to connect HP printer to wifi router.

Watch on How to Connect HP Printer to Wireless Router

1. How to HP Printer setup Wifi Router

Follow these setting here below to connect HP Printer to wifi :

  • Turn on your wireless HP printer
  • On the touch screen press the right arrow and press setup.
  • Select the Wireless Setup Wizard from the network menu.
  • It will search for wireless routers in range.
  • Select your network id from the proposed list.
  • Enter the network WEP and WPA passphrase for the network and press done.
  • Press ok to confirm the settings.
  • Press ok to print the wireless report or you can skip this step.
  • Both wired and wireless computers can connect themselves to the printer and give print command.

2. Connect HP Printer To A New Wifi Wireless Router:

  • Locate the WPS button on your router, do not press the WPS button yet. 
  • Please turn on the printer. 
  • Access the setup wizard through the control panel. 
  • Establish a secure connection between your printer and network connection. 
  • Please touch the setup icon
  • Touch the restore network defaults. 
  • Click on restore network settings and then press the yes button. 
  • After the network settings are restored, touch the back arrow, touch the wireless settings, Now touch the wireless setup wizard. 
  • The printer searches for available networks. 
  • Touch the name for your wireless network. 
  • In case the name of your wireless network does not display, click on the new network option you can enter a new name for the network for your wireless connection. 
  • Type WEP or WPA or any other network password and press on done. 
  • If you are not aware of your network password then please click on the option find my network password. 
  • Once the printer connects wireless light turns on automatically.

What common errors occur while connecting the HP printer to a wireless router:

  • HP printer is not working on the network connection, follow these steps. 
  • Please restart your printer and wireless router
  • Please cross-check if the HP printer is connected to the wifi router.
  • Please check were there any recent updates on your computer. 
  • Also, check are you connected to the Virtual Private Network. 
  • Please check has the IP address of your printer changed. 
  • You may also face an issue that the printer never worked on a network. 
  • First, try the power of cycling printer and computer 
  • Please check is the printer connected to your network. 
  • Have you installed the printer driver? 
  • Are you running a firewall or any other software security application?

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