How to Setup Windows 10 HP Laptop ? Get Help Now.

This document contains information about How to Setup Windows 10 HP Laptop for the first time. To set up your new computer, unpack the computer, turn it on, and then complete the Windows 10 setup process.

Step 1: Unpacking the notebook

Unpack the laptop and other items from the box

  1. Unpack the notebook from the box.
Setup Windows 10 HP Laptop
  1. Unpack the other items from the box.
  2. Select a location for the notebook that is near a power source.
  3. Adjust the display screen.
  1. Adjust the height of the screen so the entire viewing area is just below your eye height. The height and angle of the screen should not cause neck or back pain during prolonged viewing.
  2. Adjust the distance of the screen so your eyes are at least one meter (three feet) away and only slightly angled down.
Step 2: Connecting the AC adapter to the notebook

Follow these steps to connect the AC adapter to the notebook and to a wall outlet.

HP Laptop Charger
  1. Plug the AC adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet. Do not plug into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source.
  2. Verify the LED on the AC adapter is illuminated when plugged into an AC wall outlet.
  3. Connect the other end of the AC adapter to the computer.
Step 3: Connecting the mouse to the notebook

Choose a section based on whether you have a wired or wireless mouse.

  • Connecting the wired mouse

Plug the USB cable for the mouse into a USB port on the notebook

  • Connecting the wireless mouse

Follow these steps to connect the wireless mouse to the notebook.

Remove the tab from the battery compartment on the bottom of the mouse.
If the wireless mouse comes with an external dongle, plug the dongle into a USB port on the notebook.
External dongle
NOTE: If available, use the USB ports on the back of the laptop; this allows you to plug USB drives into the USB ports on the sides of the laptop.
Make sure the mouse is within 100 cm (39 in) of the notebook and on the same level surface.
Make sure the power switch for the mouse is set to the On position.
3. Step 4: Setting up Windows 10

Configure your preferences, connect to the Internet, and get started using the operating system.

  1. Press the power button to turn on the computer. During the setup process, Windows 10 might take a long time to process an item without visual feedback on the screen to indicate progress. This is normal.
  2. After the HP logo, the Let’s start with region. Is this correct? screen displays. Select your country or region from the list, and then click Yes.
  3. The Is this the right keyboard layout? screen displays. Select the desired keyboard layout, and then click Yes.
HP Keyboard Setup

4. On the Do you want to add a second keyboard layout? screen, you can either follow the instructions for adding another keyboard layout or click Skip.

5. On the Let’s connect you to a network screen, select from the available networks, type in your user name and password if necessary, and then click Connect.

6. After a few introductory setup screens that require no action, the Windows 10 License Agreement screen displays. After reading the license agreement, to proceed, click Accept to continue.

7. After the license agreement, the Sign in with Microsoft screen displays. Sign in with your Microsoft account or click Create account and follow the prompts to create a new Microsoft account.

8. After signing in, the following setup screens display. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize Windows.

  • Link your Android or iPhone to this PC
  • Protect your files with OneDrive
  • Set up your Office
  • Make Cortana your personal assistant?
  • Do more across devices with activity history
  • Choose privacy settings for your device
9. On the registration screen, type your personal information, and then click Next.

On the Register and Protect screen, select your preferred privacy settings, and then click Next.

10. Read any introductory screens describing the features of your computer, make selections when prompted, and then click Next up on completing each. You are now done with the initial setup process.

Step 5: Changing the Date and Time settings
  1. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, find the date and time.
  2. To change the date and time, in Windows search for Date. In the results, click Date & time settings.

2. Move the Set time automatically slider to Off. Then, under Change date and time, click Change.


4. Adjust the date and time as needed, then click Change.


5. If the computer is connected to the Internet, move the Set time automatically slider to On.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up Windows 10. HP recommends you open HP Support Assistant and scan for updates.

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