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One of the most frequently occurring problems is the HP printer offline error which occurs without any apparent reason. Therefore in this writeup we have explained the causes for this problem along with it’s troubleshooting steps. So whenever you are in a situation where you HP printer keeps going offline, just follow the steps to fix you printer offline problems.

Why Is My HP Printer Showing Offline Status ?
Make Sure 'Use Printer Offline' Mode Is Not Selected

HP wireless printer goes offline if “Use printer in offline mode” is selected.  Therefore a user must ensure that this option is not selected. The navigation for rectifying this setting is as follow-

  • Select the ‘start’ menu- click on ‘settings’
  • Click on ‘devices’ – ‘printer and scanners’


  • Now from the listed printers, select and right click on your HP printer.
  • Thereafter from the menu, uncheck the option of “Use Printer Offline”. Now your Hp printer will come back in online mode.


Ensure your printer is "Set as default printer" to fix HP printer offline issue

If your HP printer keeps going offline on your Windows 10 or any other operating system,  follow these given troubleshooting steps –

  • Click on Windows button and type in ‘Run’. Now type ‘Control Panel’ in the dialogue box and press ‘OK’.



  • Click on the ‘Device and Printer’ option after which you will see your listed HP printer. If your printer has a  green check mark, it means that your printer is already ‘set as default’.


  • If not then right click on your printer and click the option of  “Set as a default printer”.


  • Now your printer will successfully work and printer offline problem will no longer be visible in your HP printer.
Other Important Factor Due To Which 'HP Printer Shows Offline'

Whenever your HP printer says offline, always consider these factors-

  • In case of a wireless connection, always ensure that you printer and computer are on same Wi-Fi network. To know more about connecting your HP printer to wireless network, click here.
  • Once the HP printer is configured in the computer, always reboot your system so that the settings of HP printer can be saved.


  • Paper jams, low ink levels, voltage fluctuations, lack of compatibility are other reasons that may cause your printer to go offline.
HP Printer Keeps Going Offline ? Check For Network Connection Error

You may often face a situation where your HP printer keeps going offline.

  • One of the key reasons for the printer showing offline is the issue with its Wifi connectivity.


  • Another key reason for the HP printer to be offline is that its IP address is not configured properly in the laptop or the desktop.


Hence an error message pop’s up saying  “Printer is offline”. To ensure that the IP address is configured properly, follow the given steps-

  • Open ‘HP configuration screen’.
  • Click on ‘networking tab’ from settings.
  • Select the IP address option from the drop down menu
  • Click on the manual setting option and enter the accurate IP address correctly.
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